Our Process

full service design

We have carefully crafted a process built to suit the needs of our client and their unique project. While we follow this design process, we realize that every client project is different. We build our design process on the understanding of open communication and the desire to fulfill a beautiful design built specifically for our client.

Phase One

Getting to know you

Every project starts the same: learning about the project and sending our client a questionnaire. We know it can be hard to know exactly what you want, but this questionnaire is crucial to the design process. Upon review, we will do a follow up in person meeting to discuss the questionnaire and ensure we are both on the same page. Once this is completed we will work out a Letter of Agreement & Scope of Services. The final step of phase one is measurements! In order to choose furniture pieces that correctly fit your space, we need to visit your space, this saves time and money for us and you.

Phase Two


In this phase, we begin the design process. This phase consists of inspiration pictures, mood boards, space planning, and floorplans…depending on your unique project. This phase is crucial as we work with our client and align our design visions. Once the client and we have a strong grasp on the design concept, we continue to phase three.

Phase Three


Our design process is almost complete! This is when a lot of behind the scenes work is done on our part. We will design your space, and check in with you along the way. This is when you get to be as involved or removed as you like. Once we are complete with the mood boards, floor plans, or renderings, we will present it to you!

Phase Four

Finishing Touches

Finally, the client will come to us with any small edits they may have. We do this to ensure 100% satisfaction with every client. Once we have our final draft, we will share all the item links and send you off with a Tips&Tricks packet if you are a remote client. If not, we are more than happy to come stage your space!